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  • Pink coats are in fashion for this season

    Whatever the season Pink color is always on the minds of a woman, and this was proved once again as Marks & Spencer comes with their new collection of Pink coats this season. There has always been a tradition that the girls followed by choosing a black or Grey overcoats, but Marks & Spencer has [...]

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  • Poll – Best dressed Australian of all time?

    It always has been a debatable topic, like who’s the best dressed Australian of all time, and many people come up with their own views and support their own fashionable iconic figure. If we look at the UK fashionable dandies David Bowie has been voted the best dressed Briton ever. David was reckoned as fashion [...]

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  • Marilyn Monroe – The New Face of Chanel No.5

    Chanel which is one of the reputed and accomplished perfume brands in the world has come up with a new idea, and dedicated a new fragrance on the Marilyn Monroe. The French perfume maker has decided to give a new face to Chanel’s iconic fragrance, No. 5. It is almost five decades since Marilyn Monroe [...]

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  • Prince George’s Christening Ceremony

    When it comes to christening outfits, many people across the globe try to get the best for their babies on this occasion. According to many people this is one of the special days in the life of their baby and they want their babies to dress in best of the attires, suiting to the occasion. [...]

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  • Trendy Sportswear Out For Men

    Men across the world have a special place for the sportswear; any fashion designers from across the globe have come up with latest fashionable sportswear for this season. There were days when sportswear was confined to only gyms and couches. But with the changing times fashion dress designers have a given this sportswear a new [...]

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  • Fashionable Eye Wear for this Season

    Eye ware has always been a fashion statement whether it is shades or reading glasses they have always taken the centre stage. According to a famous optometrist, it is not necessary that people having eye sight wear spectacles at all the time, they can wear them while concentrating, reading, using the computer, watching TV, and [...]

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  • The other Facet of Jane Birkin’s Life

    A new book was released recently on Jane & Serge, which is a personal portrait collection from the Birkin-Gainsbourg household. This book is also a great style guide. Jane Birkin and Charlotte Gainsbourg are reckoned as the golden couple. The English rose started dating the French poet way back in 1968. Though the relationship did [...]

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  • New Law to Safeguard Child Models in NY

    The Governor of New York signed on the new law on Monday, which will enhance the protection to the models. The new law will restrict the use of teenagers on the ramps of the New York Fashion Week, and give those similar rights and protection as minors who act, dance and play music professionally. According [...]

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  • Craig Green the New Face of UK Men’s Fashion Industry

    The 27 year old Craig Green is now UK top men’s fashion designer. This Briton designer was initial interested in sculpting and painting. But later he changes his mind and decided to become a dress designer. Though, Green still has the instincts of a sculptor, as he still crafts out few objects.  Green graduated from [...]

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  • Rucksacks are Back in Fashion

    The Rucksacks are paving their way back into the fashion industry. Earlier these bags lost its sheen, but now many designers are show casing these bags once again the lime light. Recently, a model was seen walking with the rucksack on the ramp at the Paris fashion week. This site surprised everyone as they thought [...]

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  • Wedding Hair Ideas For This Season

    Of all the days in one’s lifetime, our wedding days are the occasions in which we’re expected to look the best we’ve ever been. This is understandable given the fact that all eyes will be on the bride, whilst weddings are the ultimate celebrations of romance and beauty. Now different hairstyles suit different seasons best. [...]

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  • Rock the World with Fashion Vests that Transform your Personality

    Are you looking for ways that can transform your clothing to sport multiple looks, your ideal choice is to secure fashion vests, thanks to their brilliant layering abilities. Women’s fashion vests are made available in a multiple styles including sleek vests to knit grandpa vests that are available in a wide variety of textures and [...]

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